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FASD Center/MOFAS 3-part Webinar Series

In this 3-part Webinar series, national experts present information about FASD prevalence, prevention, co-occurring issues, and treatment strategies. This series was sponsored by the SAMHSA FASD Center for Excellence and the Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (MOFAS).

Part 1, FASD Basics

Original presentation date: 2/13/14; Rebroadcast: 2/25/14
This session provided an introduction to FASD, including information on prevention and intervention.
Presenter: Jeffrey Wozniak, Ph.D., LP, director of the Child and Adolescent Neuropsychology Clinic at the University of Minnesota Department of Psychiatry

Webinar materials:

Part 2, FASD and Co-Occurring Disorders

Original presentation date: 2/20/14
This session focused on understanding the connection between FASD and co-occurring mental health disorders.
Presenter: Dan Dubovsky, M.S.W., FASD Specialist with the SAMHSA FASD Center for Excellence

Webinar materials:

Part 3, Family Matters: Strategies for Successful Outcomes

Original presentation date: 2/27/14
This session presented strategies for improving outcomes for individuals with an FASD.
Presenter: Chris Boys, Ph.D., pediatric neuropsychologist at the University of Minnesota Medical Center

Webinar materials:

This Webinar series was designed for primary and behavioral health care providers, social workers, adoption and foster care workers, educators, and other professionals who work with individuals with an FASD. Parents, caregivers, and family members impacted by FASD may also find the information helpful.