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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Consultation, Education and Training Services, Inc.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Consultation, Education and Training Services, Inc. (FASCETS), is a nonprofit organization that provides workshops on FASD to parents and professionals. Books and training materials can also be ordered on the Web site.
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Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board―The Northwest Tribal FASD Project
The Northwest Tribal FASD Project seeks to address these disorders through development of model State projects and partnerships. Idaho, Oregon, and Washington State each have multidisciplinary, collaborative State partnerships targeted to American Indian communities. The Web site also provides publications and resources on FASD that are targeted toward American Indians.
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Legislative Information:

Bill Number Category Introduced Description Status

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Relating to juvenile court jurisdiction over pregnant women; creating new provisions; and amending ORS 419B.090... Section 2. (1) The juvenile court may exercise jurisdiction over a pregnant woman, regardless of the age of the pregnant woman, when: (a) The pregnant woman has expressed an intent to give birth; and (b) There is a substantially increased risk that the pregnant woman may give birth to a child with a medically foreseeable impairment due to the pregnant woman’s consumption of alcohol or controlled substances. (2) The juvenile court may exercise concurrent jurisdiction over a pregnant woman under subsection (1) of this section when the pregnant woman is charged with or convicted of a crime resulting from the use of alcohol or controlled substances... SECTION 3. ORS 419B.090 is amended to read:... (c) A pregnant woman who has expressed an intention to give birth has a duty to refrain from significantly increasing the risk that the fetus carried by the pregnant woman is born with a medically foreseeable impairment due to the pregnant woman’s consumption of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances.

In committee upon adjournment 06/28/2007

HB2414 Exit Disclaimer Graphic PDF icon



Dedicates a percentage of revenues collected by Oregon Liquor Control Commission to establishment, operation and maintenance of programs related to fetal alcohol syndrome. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

Referred to Human Services and Women's Wellness with subsequent referral to Ways and Means 01/17/2007

HB2362 Exit Disclaimer Graphic



As used in this section, "children with severe emotional or mental disorders" means children who have been: (b) Diagnosed by a qualified mental health professional as having: ...Psychopathological symptoms related to fetal exposure to alcohol or controlled substances.

Passed by House 05/16/2005