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Building FASD State Systems 2010 Speaker Presentations

Links to the presentations from the 2010 BFSS Conference are provided below.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed within the 2010 Building FASD State System (BFSS) presentations, including: studies, publications, or other summarized materials do not necessarily reflect the official policies or positions of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS); nor does mention of trade names, commercial practices, or organizations imply endorsement by HHS and the U.S. Government. Presentations are provided on this Web site as an informational tool only. Any other use, changes or replication of presentations or associated materials are expressly prohibited without prior written permission from the author.

Preconference Events

A New Song: BFSS First Time Attendees' Session

  • Callie B. Gass [PDF PDF icon]

Learning the Tune: FASD Mini Training

  • Dan Dubovsky, MSW [PDF PDF icon]

Day 1

The Latest Hits: Report from the SAMHSA FASD Center for Excellence

  • Callie B. Gass [PDF PDF icon]

BFSS 2010 Agenda Overview

  • Callie B. Gass [PDF PDF icon]

Opening Notes: SAMHSA Updates with a Focus on Partnerships

  • Virginia L. MacKay-Smith [PDF PDF icon]

Singing in Harmony: Using Partnerships to Move Forward Opening Plenary

  • Rebecca M. Buchanan, PhD [PDF PDF icon]
  • Helen S. Weinstein, CPP [PDF PDF icon]
  • Trisha Hinson, MEd, CMHT [PDF PDF icon]

Day 1 Breakout Sessions

Harmonizing Chords: Strategies for Developing and Sustaining Effective Partnerships

  • Rebecca M. Buchanan, PhD [PDF PDF icon]
  • Sharon L. Dorfman, ScM, CHES [PDF PDF icon]
  • Helen S. Weinstein, CPP [PDF PDF icon]

Setting the Stage: Identification and Diagnosis of Adolescents and Adults with an FASD; Establishing Diagnostic Centers and Building Capacity

  • Susan Buttross, MD [PDF PDF icon]
  • David Wargowski, MD [PDF PDF icon]

Not the Same Ole Song and Dance: Innovative Communication Strategies for Supporting Families and Creating Change

  • Emily A. Gunderson [PDF PDF icon]

Tuning into Prevention: Binge Drinking Among Pregnant Women and Policy-based Prevention Strategies to Address the Issue

  • Joseph C. Gfroerer [PDF PDF icon]
  • Mary Kate Weber, MPH [PDF PDF icon]

Tunes for All Tastes: State Working Sessions

Group A: Establishing a Designated State Coordinator

  • Mary D. Johnson [PDF PDF icon]
  • Joseph E. Kotsch, RN, MS [PDF PDF icon]

Group D: Working Across State Lines to Increase Regional and State-to-State Efforts

  • Georgiana Wilton, PhD [PDF PDF icon]


A Little Background Music: Current Science and Research Trends in the Field

  • Cynthia J.M. Kane, PhD [PDF PDF icon]

Day 2 Breakout Sessions

Sounds of Success: Implementing Evidence-Based Programs

  • Patricia Bailey [PDF PDF icon]
  • Sara Rumann, MA [PDF PDF icon]
  • Trisha Hinson, MEd, CMHT [PDF PDF icon]

A Sound Investment: Connecting with Tribes and Native American Populations

  • Louise S. Ashkie, Cynthia D. Beckett, RNC-OB, MS, PhD & Carolyn Hartness [PDF PDF icon]

Instruments of Success: Reaching Out to and Working With Primary Care Providers

  • Roger J. Zoorob, MD, MPH, FAAFP [PDF PDF icon]

Marching Together: Steps Juvenile Courts Have Taken to Address FASD Screening, Evaluation, and Sentencing Modifications

  • Meghan Louis [PDF PDF icon]

Day 2 Working Lunch

Tuning Into Policies that Address Drinking Among Women of Child Bearing Age

  • Raul Caetano, MD, MPH, PhD [PDF PDF icon]