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Reach to Teach: Educating Elementary and Middle School Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Reach to Teach  PDF icon is an invaluable resource for parents and teachers to use in educating elementary and middle school children who have an FASD. The guide provides a basic introduction to FASD, along with tools to enhance communication with the child and between parents and teachers.

Parents with a child identified as having an FASD can reach out to teachers, school principals, special education professionals, religious school personnel, and camp counselors by passing along copies of the guide. Teachers and other staff, in turn, can use the guide to quickly learn specific classroom strategies to assist learning for a child with an FASD, including structuring a caring and consistent environment, shifting attitudes and improving understanding, learning to translate misbehavior, and restructuring the physical space in the classroom. The guide also contains forms that parents and teachers can use to better communicate about schedules, strategies, and problem-solving. There is also a list of available FASD resources on the Web, on video, and in print.

Since its publication in 2007, Reach to Teach has been one of the most popular products available through the SAMHSA FASD Center for Excellence. Click here  PDF icon to download it, or click here to order your free copy online from SAMHSA today!