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Our posters are designed to generate interest about the dangers of drinking during pregnancy and encourage women and significant others to seek additional information. The posters can be displayed anywhere, such as schools, physicians' offices, and clinics.

Drop-in Poster

We designed the drop-in poster in a way that allows different groups and tribal organizations to customize the text and photo. For example, they can be made to reflect a specific Native culture. You can translate the phrase “Thanks for not drinking, Mom” into your own Native language and you can substitute a photo of a baby dressed in your Native attire.

Replace the text simply by deleting the English words in the text box and dropping your translation of the words—keeping the meaning intact—into the box. If your organization serves multiple Tribes, then you can keep the English text.

Replace the photo by deleting it and dropping in a photo of a baby in your Native attire. If your organization serves individuals from multiple Tribes, you can substitute a photo of several babies in different Native attire or a baby in Western clothes.

Instructions for Printing Posters

For best quality, posters should be printed on 100-lb silk or 70-lb lithocoated stock. The trim size is 17" x 22" and crop marks are indicated. A laser or other high-resolution printer is recommended. Professional print shops can print from the PDF file and trim the posters if you do not have access to the needed equipment. The posters may be reproduced on a color copier, but the quality will not be as good.