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FASD Awareness Day Proclamations

Proclamations are ceremonial documents signed by a governor or mayor for celebrating important events or recognizing and raising awareness about notable issues. Governors throughout the U.S. have issued proclamations recognizing FASD Awareness Day. Some of those Proclamations are listed below by year:

2014 FASD Awareness Day Proclamations

North Carolina PDF Icon

2013 FASD Awareness Day Proclamations

Illinois PDF Icon
North Carolina PDF Icon
Ohio PDF Icon
Wyoming PDF Icon

2012 FASD Awareness Day Proclamations

Alaska PDF Icon
Arkansas  PDF Icon
Michigan PDF Icon
South Carolina PDF Icon
Wisconsin PDF Icon

2011 FASD Awareness Day Proclamations

Alaska  PDF Icon
Arkansas  PDF Icon
Michigan  PDF Icon
North Carolina  PDF Icon
Ohio  PDF Icon
South Carolina  PDF Icon
Tohono O'odham Nation  PDF Icon

2010 FASD Awareness Day Proclamations

Florida  PDF Icon
Michigan  PDF Icon
North Carolina  PDF Icon
Nevada  PDF Icon
New York  PDF Icon
Ohio  PDF Icon
Wisconsin  PDF Icon

Prior Years (2009-2003)

2009 Wisconsin Proclamation  PDF Icon
2007 New York City Proclamation  PDF Icon
2007 New York State Proclamation  PDF Icon
2004 Alaska Proclamation  PDF Icon
2003 Alaska Proclamation  PDF Icon