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Resumen de Investigaciones sobre el EDAF

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Contactos estatales de EDAF

Charlene Harmon
Mid-South Fetal Alcohol Services
PO Box 820835
Memphis, TN 38182
Teléfono: 901-859-4270
Correo electrónico:

S. Chris Troutt, LMFT
Executive Director
Papillon Center for FASD
PO Box 484
Westmoreland, TN 37186
Teléfono: 615-477-2409
Fax: 615-242-9440
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Recursos estatales sobre SAF/ EDAF:

El Centro Papillion para el EDAF
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Centros Regionales de Entrenamiento de EDAF del CDC (RTCs por su sigla en Inglés)

Los asociados del centro regional de entranamiento del Sureste incluyen–
  • Colegio Medico Meharry.
  • Escuela de Medicina Morehouse.
  • Universidad de Tennessee.
  • Universidad de Louisville.
  • Universidad del Estado de Tennessee.
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Contacto: Roger Zoorob, M.D., M.P.H., FAAFP
Meharry Medical College
Department of Family and Community Medicine
1005 D.B. Todd Jr. Boulevard.
Nashville, TN 37208-3599
Teléfono: 615-327-6572
Correo electrónico:

Información Legislativa:

Bill Number Category Introduced Description Status

HB0890 Exit Disclaimer Graphic

SB1065 Exit Disclaimer Graphic



Requires alcohol and drug testing of certain pregnant women, provides that pregnant women testing positive for alcohol or drugs be referred for substance abuse treatment; requires notification to department of children's services if treatment is not sought as required.

Caption bill, held on desk - pending amendment


SJR91 Exit Disclaimer Graphic PDF icon



A resolution urging the Comptroller of the Treasury to study current alcohol and drug laws. whereas, substance use and abuse have been established as major contributing factors to numerous health and social problems Tennesseans face, including HIV/AIDS, cancer, child abuse and neglect, infant mortality, crime, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, fetal alcohol

syndrome, highway safety, poverty, and homelessness;...

Signed by Governor 06/18/2007

SB2040 Exit Disclaimer Graphic PDF icon

HB1892 Exit Disclaimer Graphic PDF icon



This bill establishes a nurse home visitor program whereby a nurse would provide regular, in-home visiting nurse services to low-income, first-time mothers during pregnancy and through the child's second birthday. The nurse would educate the mothers on the importance of nutrition and avoidance of drugs and alcohol...

Became Public Chapter 530 07/12/2007