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Resumen de Investigaciones sobre el EDAF

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Coordinador estatal de EDAF (Miembro de NAFSC)

L. Diane Casto, M.P.A.
Prevention and Early Intervention Services
State of Alaska, Division of Behavioral Health
PO Box 110620
Juneau, AK 99811-0620
Teléfono: 907-465-1188
Fax: 907-465-1189
Correo electrónico:

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Recurso estatal sobre SAF/EDAF

Red de Equipo de Diagnostico de EDAF
La Red de equipo de diagnóstico de EDAF tiene un acuerdo de sistema de pago de proveedor estatal. Una vez aprobado, un proveedor estatal de servicios de diagnóstico de EDAF, se le reembolsa $ 3,000 por un diagnóstico completo.
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El Grupo la Sopa de Piedra
Los servicios están disponibles a las familias a través del Grupo la Sopa de Piedra, un grupo de apoyo y una agencia de servicio en Anchorage que ofrece capacitación, referencias, servicios de padres del navegador, y educación relacionada con el EDAF. Para más información —
Contacto: Cheri Scott
Teléfono: 907-561-3701
Llamar gratis: 877-786-7327
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Entrenamientos EDAF 101 y EDAF 201
Los planes de estudio EDAF están disponibles en todo el Estado para los proveedores de servicios, familias, empleadores, y otros, así como entrenadores certificados. Para obtener más información acerca de entrenadores certificados, visite el sitio Web.
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Proclamaciones del Día de Concientización sobre el EDAF

Proclamación del Día de Concentración sobre el EDAF 2003 PDF icon (en Inglés)
Proclamación del Día de Concentración sobre el EDAF 2004 PDF icon (en Inglés)
Proclamación del Día de Concentración sobre el EDAF 2011 PDF icon (en Inglés)
Proclamación del Día de Concentración sobre el EDAF 2012 PDF icon (en Inglés)

Declaración y Comunicado de prensa del Día de Concientización sobre el EDAF

Declaración del Senador Murkowski 2011 PDF icon (en Inglés)
Comunicado de Prensa de la Legislatura del Estado 2012 PDF icon (en Inglés)

Centros Regionales de Entrenamiento de EDAF del CDC (RTCs por su sigla en Inglés)

Arctic FASD Regional Training Center
University of Alaska Anchorage
Contact: Christiane Brems, Ph.D., ABPP
University of Alaska Anchorage
Behavioral Health Research and Services
3401 East 42nd Street, Suites 200/201
Anchorage, AK 99508
Teléfono: 907-561-2880
Correo electrónico:
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Información Legislativa:

Bill Number Category Introduced Description Status

SB151 Exit Disclaimer Graphic PDF icon



An Act relating to mitigation at sentencing in a criminal case for a defendant found by the court to have been affected by a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

Effective date of law 9/19/12.

SCR 7  Exit Disclaimer Graphic PDF icon



Proclaiming September 9, 2011, as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness Day and be it

further resolved that the people of the state observe Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness Day with appropriate efforts to promote awareness of the effects of prenatal exposure to alcohol and of the fact that there is no known safe level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy, to increase identification of children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, and to improve the lives of those affected by fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

Permanently filed 07/19/11 Legislative Resolve 11

SB127 Exit Disclaimer Graphic PDF icon



Proclaiming each September 9, as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness Day.

Effective date of law 7/23/12.

HB300 Exit Disclaimer Graphic PDF icon

SB267 Exit Disclaimer Graphic PDF icon

SB252 Exit Disclaimer Graphic PDF icon

Requirements for Professionals


All three bills are identical but were introduced by separate officials. Each calls for the following changes to requirements governing individuals licensed by the State Medical Board:

Section 1. AS 08.64 is amended by adding a new section to article 3 to read: Sec. 08.64.364. health care professionals to document an infant’s prenatal exposure to alcohol.
(a) For the purpose of screening for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, a person licensed under this chapter attending or making a postnatal examination of a mother and infant shall document the infant’s prenatal exposure to alcohol in the infant’s medical file, if the mother provides her consent to the inclusion of the information in the infant’s medical file. The documentation must be in the form required by the department.
(b) Information received under this section may not be used except for the purposes of providing medical diagnosis, treatment, or care.
(c) In this section, "infant" means a child who is less than 12 months of age.

All three bills referred: Commerce, Health, Education and Social Services.

HB239 Exit Disclaimer Graphic PDF icon



The department shall grant a priority to a proposed program or project if the proposed program or project provides prompt substance abuse treatment for a pregnant woman by advancing the woman on a waiting list for the program or project and by streamlining paperwork for admission of the woman to the program.

4/17/07: Referred to the Health, Education and Social Services and Finance Committees.

HB312 Exit Disclaimer Graphic PDF icon

Involuntary Commitment


An act relating to pregnant women; requiring hospitals, schools, and alcohol licensees and permittees to distribute information about fetal alcohol effects and fetal alcohol syndrome; relating to the consumption of alcoholic beverages by and the sale or service of alcoholic beverages to a pregnant woman; requiring involuntary commitment of a pregnant woman who has consumed alcohol; creating a fund for the prevention and treatment of fetal alcohol syndrome and fetal alcohol effects; relating to fines and to the taking of permanent fund dividends for selling or serving alcoholic beverages to pregnant women; and increasing taxes on sales of alcoholic beverages to fund treatment and education related to fetal alcohol syndrome and fetal alcohol effects.

Effective date of law 7/1/08.

HJR31 Exit Disclaimer Graphic PDF icon



Be it resolved by the Alaska State Legislature that September 9, 2006, be designated as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness Day; and be it...further resolved that the people of the state observe a moment of reflection on the ninth hour of September 9, 2006, to remember that during the nine months of pregnancy a woman should not consume alcohol.

7/24/08: Permanently filed Legis Resolve 70.

HB408 Exit Disclaimer Graphic PDF icon



Sec. 8 AS 47.17 is amended by adding a new section to read: Sec. 47.17.024. Duties of practitioners of the healing arts. (a) A practitioner of the healing arts involved in the delivery or care of a child who the practitioner determines has been adversely affected by, or who is withdrawing from exposure to, a controlled substance or alcohol shall immediately notify the nearest office of the department of the child's condition.

Effective date of law 5/3/06.

HB67 Exit Disclaimer Graphic PDF icon



The Department of Health and Social Services will establish specific "evidence based" prevention programs at the community level through a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP). The department will also develop a clear Plan for evaluation and program outcomes to better document the successes of Alaska's prevention efforts. The Plan must be presented to the Legislative Budget and Audit Committee prior to the beginning of the 2006 legislative session, or to the House and Senate Finance Committees by February 1, 2006 for approval. Upon approval of the Plan, up to $2,000,000 in TANF Bonus award funding may be made available for alcohol and drug program expansion. The amount of the funding will be prorated based on timing and realistic use of funds. AK Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Program $6,424,400

Signed by Governor on 6/28/2005, effective date of law not indicated.