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Module 7: Costs of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Test Your Knowledge Questions Posttest - Module 7

1. An issue relevant to estimating costs for FAS is:

2. Calculating true costs for FAS is very difficult due to the many variables associated with service delivery.

3. In the United States, the costs associated with caring for persons with FAS may be as high as:

4. States can estimate their prevalence of FASD and associated costs through a cost calculator available from the Online Clinic run by Dr. Larry Burd.

5. Most information related to the cost of FAS falls into which of the following categories?

6. The lifetime cost of each individual with FAS is $2 million or more.

7. There is well-documented research about the State and local costs of FAS.

8. There is a large amount of data related to both the cost of FAS and costs related to alcohol-related birth defects.

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