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Module 6: Diagnosis and Treatment of FASD

Test Your Knowledge Questions Posttest - Module 6

1. Identify three barriers to diagnosing fetal alcohol spectrum disorders from the list below:
Select all that apply.

2. FASD is a medical diagnosis.

3. FAS is a medical diagnosis.

4. Identify a diagnostic tool for FAS.

5. Early diagnosis and intervention with FASD can help in removing barriers to service and promoting positive outcomes.

6. Persons with an FASD may have many valuable qualities and with early identification, intervention, and support, they may be able to develop these qualities.

7. Services for persons with an FASD may include:

8. Identify an effective strategy or strategies for the treatment of FASD.

9. Identify an effective strategy for the home, school, and work environment in the treatment of FASD.

10. Identify an effective skills development strategy in the treatment of FASD.

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