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Module 5: FASD Prevention

Test Your Knowledge Questions Pretest - Module 5

Pretests are designed to gauge your knowledge. Click in the circle next to the correct answer. A posttest will be at the end of the module so you can see what you've learned.

1. Identify three prevention domains.

2. The T-ACE questionnaire is one of several commonly used diagnostic tools.

3. Motivational interviewing is based on five stages. Identify those stages from the list below.

4. Indicated prevention for individuals with an FASD primarily involves treatment of FASD symptoms.

5. Screening and motivational interviewing are examples of prevention strategies.

6. Interventions with individuals with an FASD can help prevent secondary disabilities.

7. Identify which of the following are accepted prevention strategies.

8. Identify the five P’s of prevention from the list below.

9. Universal prevention approaches can help raise awareness but rarely bring about behavior change.

10. Name three types of prevention.

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