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Question markMatching Activity - Module 5

Please match the word or term in column A with the appropriate description in column B.

Type letter from column A into correct answer box in column B.

Column AColumn B
A) Universal preventionTargets high-risk individuals who have detectable signs or symptoms of a condition or biologic markers indicating predisposition
B) T-ACEBased on change theory
C) Indicated preventionPromotes the health and well-being of all individuals in society or a particular community
D) Motivational interviewingCase management program in Seattle that includes an intensive home visitation model for mothers at highest risk
E) Selective preventionStands for six key elements that are effective in assisting persons with at-risk or problem drinking to change their drinking behavior
F) FRAMESPublic education, professional training, public policy, programs and services, parent and citizen activism
G) Five P’s of PreventionTargets individuals or a population group at higher risk of developing a particular condition
H) P-CAPScreening tool

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