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Question markMatching Activity - Module 2

Please match the word or term in column A with the appropriate description in column B.
Part II - Brain Anatomy

Type letter from column A into correct answer box in column B.

Column AColumn B
A) HippocampusControls executive functions, such as planning, problem solving, and impulses and judgment
B) Corpus CallosumThe brain and the spinal cord
C) Basal GangliaInvolved in memory and also acts as a mood control center
D) Frontal lobesInvolved in both motor and cognitive skills; damage to this area can lead to problems in areas such as balance and coordination
E) CerebellumConnects the two hemispheres of the brain, allowing the left and right sides to communicate
F) Central nervous systemNerve cell clusters involved in motor abilities and cognitive function such as ability to manage time or the ability to inhibit inappropriate behavior

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