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Module 1: Historic Perspectives on Alcohol and Pregnancy

Myths and Facts About Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Click Myth or Fact for each statement below. Then click Submit to check your answers.

  1. People with FASD always have mental retardation.
  2. The behavior problems associated with FASD result from lifestyle and environmental factors only.
  3. Children eventually outgrow FASD.
  4. Any type of alcohol can harm a fetus. A glass of wine, a bottle of beer, and a shot of whiskey are equivalent in alcohol content.
  5. Diagnosing children with an FASD will thwart their development.
  6. Alcohol or drugs taken after the first trimester will not affect the unborn baby.
  7. A breastfeeding mother can provide more breast milk for her baby by drinking beer.
  8. It is o.k. for a woman to have an occasional drink when she is pregnant.
  9. If a woman drinks early in her pregnancy, there is no reason to stop drinking. The damage is done.
  10. Health care providers and teachers can easily tell if children have FASD.

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