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FASD Research Review

Screening and Intervention Programs

ARC Community Services, Inc.

Intervention Type

FASD Prevention Subcontractors
(Project CHOICES)

Project Contact Information

ARC Community Services, Inc.
Paulette Romashko, MSW, LCSW, FASD Project Director
2001 West Beltline Highway, Suite 102
Madison, WI 53713
Phone: 608-278-2300
Fax: 608-278-2313

Project Summary Statement

ARC’s Smart Start is an FASD Intervention project which integrates the Project CHOICES FASD prevention protocol based on motivational interviewing with high risk women into ARC Community Services Programs. The FASD intervention was phased in beginning with women receiving AODA treatment in ARC’s most structured treatment programs, as well as residential programs first and then expanded to include ARC’s pre-treatment and diversion programs.

The Project goals are:

  • Abstinence from drinking alcohol during childbearing years (18-44)
  • Effective use of birth control methods if sexually active and actively drinking alcohol

The intent of ARC’s Smart Start FASD prevention initiative is to eliminate the incidence and prevalence of alcohol-affected births among high risk women by decreasing alcohol exposed pregnancies (AEP). ARC Smart Start goals are directly related to ARC’s mission of developing and providing innovative, state of the art, gender responsive for women, culturally responsive substance abuse treatment which meets the unique treatment needs of women and their children, and is expressed in ARC’s goals of increasing the availability and accessibility of early intervention and treatment; decreases the incidence and prevalence of alcohol and other drug use among pregnant and postpartum women; improves birth outcomes, and decreases the number of children affected by maternal substance abuse.