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FASD in Review

FASD in Review

This month the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) FASD Center for Excellence (CFE) is launching a new website feature, FASD in Review. This page will include a review and discussion of news, research, policy articles, and other reports addressing FASD and alcohol prevention during pregnancy. In contrast to prior summaries of research, this feature is designed to provide more analytic reviews of new information available in the context of existing research, practice, and common knowledge. The aim of this approach is to provide the reader with a more comprehensive and contextual understanding of information and its impact on advancing efforts to prevent and address FASD.

The feature kicks off with a review of the recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guide for implementing Screening and Brief Interventions (SBI) on:

Planning and Implementing Screening and Brief Intervention for Risky Alcohol Use: A Step-by-Step Guide for Primary Care Practices  PDF Icon

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